Global advanced supplier of X-ray imaging system

Proxray is a company specializing in the development of X-ray detectors. Our products are distributed in the fields of medical imaging, pet medicine, and industrial non-destructive testing. We continuously develop and innovate, committed to creating low-dose, multifunctional X-ray imaging systems.
After 20 years of research and development innovation and focused accumulation, our products and services cover the global market, with over 10000 installed hospitals and over 5000 dynamic detector imaging systems installed.
In the future, Proxray will focus on the realization of micro-radiation, functional advanced X-ray imaging system, and bring innovative products with clinical value.

Corporate Culture
  • Mission
    Transforming the industry with advanced X-ray imaging technology
  • Vision
    Low radiation, low dose
  • Values
    Technology first, efficiency first
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    Address4th Floor, Building A, Huahan Innovation Park Office Building, 16
    Langshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China